The Easter significance

Jesus the son of God chose to become a human just like us and he was born in the most humble place, he who created heaven and earth. Not only that, during his life he was trying to save as many souls as he could: he taught in the temple, he spoke to the people, he healed the sick persons, he gave food to hungry people, he made a disrespectful woman (Ste Maria Magdalena) go back to god, he never judged anyone. He taught us that by faith we can do all the impossible things even walking on water. He even made us equal to him when he taught us how to pray “Our Father who art in heaven”.  He showed us  that God is the source of Love and Mercy, that he is our father, that he loves us no matter who we are or what we did in our lives and always forgive us.
If you are really sorry for your sins that you made, you will always find him waiting for you with arms wide open, he never blame you for what you did. And even when you were lost he was searching for you to come back home. And more then that he chose his humiliation and to be crossed like a criminal, him the son of God, to endure the suffering, the pain and he has chosen to remain silent and he forgave who was torturing him. He even saved 1 last soul moments before he passed (the thief on the right).

WHY he chose that, why he accepted to pass through all these suffering?

Because he LOVES us and to raise us to his level, he knew that we are too weak to beat the devil alone, so he took our place in our war for the fight of our eternal life. He took all the suffering of all the humanity, he beat the devil and he won, not only his glory but the eternal life to all those who believe in him.
That’s what Easter is about: Jesus paying the price for our forgiveness and eternal life. He saved lives when he was on earth and after his Resurrection  in thousands of years he still saving lives for those who believe in him and follow his steps.

Sandra A. 2010


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